Reactive Dogs Class

Reactive dog classes southern Sydney

Creature Teacher is now offering special classes for volatile dogs!

Do you have a dog that misbehaves on leash? This class is for you! It is specially designed for dogs that bark, lunge, growl, bounce, or generally act up when they see another dog. It doesn't matter whether your dog is excessively friendly or anti-social, or just frustrated, this class will teach you how to manage and retrain your dog so that walks are enjoyable and you can both get out more together.

Classes run for 6 weeks. New clients may require a short, private consult to ensure dogs are good candidates for classes. Please contact Creature Teacher to discuss this over the phone. Referrals from other trainers or vets are welcome.

Cost: $240

Duration: 6 weeks

Location: Hanrob boarding facility, Heathcote.

Time: 2:30-3:30pm Saturdays.

For: Dogs that are volatile, growly, or reactive on leash.

Creature Teacher is very grateful to Hanrob for allowing the use of their facilities when the Sutherland Shire Council insists these activities must occur on private property.

Starting date to be advised when class is filled. Please contact to book a spot.